AROTIN & SERGHEI Infinite Screen at Centre Pompidou, Infinite Light Columns Place Igor Stravinsky & Place Georges Pompidou Jun 3 – Nov 7

AROTIN & SERGEHI at Ircam – Centre Pompidou, Paris 2021

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“This installation delights me, not only because it is beautiful and because it is interesting, but because for me it symbolizes something very powerful, it symbolizes what the Center Pompidou wants to be… a multidisciplinary ensemble … The installation is a sort of tribute to Brancusi, whose studio is at the other end of the Piazza … it is for me the resurrection of an initial spirit of the Center Pompidou, the piazza as the living heart of artistic creation.
Serge Lasvignes, president CENTRE POMPIDOU, opening speech, 2021

For the emblematic Centre Pompidou square, the artist duo AROTIN & SERGHEI conceived an installation of intermedial sculpturespart of their work-in-progress Infinite ScreenInfinite Light Columns installed along the extension of the Arts Center, the IRCAM tower by Renzo Piano and constructed by “immaterial” modules of individually drawn and animated portraits of “light cells”. The work honours the visions of the multiple avant-gardes and disciplines presented at the Centre Pompidou, most particularly paying homage to the museum’s collections notably Brancusi‘s Infinite Columns, Kandinsky’s Synethesia, to the architecture itself and to the sound universe of the Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics & Music  IRCAM-Centre Pompidou.

artwork cycles 2012-2021

AROTIN & SERGHEI create a universe of color and light, in processes of splitting, superimposition and fusion. These so called “intermedial paintings” are visual compositions and picture cycles, built
in a pictorial language of signs, symbols, shapes and color spectrum with condensed information and encodings.

The pictural elements are hand-drawn light and color gradients, brightenings and shadows, on different levels. As color, the artists use solvent-free, UV-resistant, water-soluble, translucent natural pigments, which are applied in a manual and technical special processes on glass, plexiglass and prism foils and mounted in special artists frames. Each picture is an original and unreproducible single piece.


AROTIN & SERGHEI Umbris Idearum / Shadows of Ideas, intermedial paintings – Galerie Hervé van der Straeten Paris  Feb-Dec 2020 / Galerie W&K – Wienerroither & Kohlbacher Vienna Nov-Dec 2021

AROTIN & SERGHEI  Infinite Light Column
Kunsthalle Wien 2019 and Museum of the Future – Ars Electronica Center – Festival 40 years Ars Electronica 2019


AROTIN & SERGHEI  Infinite Time Machine
Guerlain / FIAC Paris 2018

AROTIN & SERGHEI Impressions – Dialogue avec Monet
Arts Festival Vernon-Giverny 2018IMG_5573 2



> AROTIN & SERGHEI exhibition highlights 2018:

> AROTIN & SERGHEI Light Impulse, Espace Muraille Geneva 2016 – présentation de l’exposition (en français)


AROTIN & SERGHEI are working in the fields of creation, research, innovation and production of art installations, intermedial paintings, films, music and multidisciplinary art projects. AROTIN & SERGHEI’s artworks have been commissioned by Fondation Beyeler (2016), Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (2016), Biennale di Venezia (2015), Ars Electronica (2014-17), and presented among others at Artcurial (2016), TEFAF Maastricht (2012), as well as at galleries and art centers in Brussels, Paris, Milan, Venice, Berlin, Barcelona, Geneva and Vienna. Their works are part of international public and private art collections. The exploration of multi-dimensional spaces and universal languages of abstract forms and signs are main elements in AROTIN & SERGHEI’s artistic research, from the origin of their collaboration up to their opus magnum Infinite Screen. 

The exhibition Metamorphosis held in the Gallery W&K Vienna – New York at Palais Schönborn-Batthyány, and at Palais Rasumofsky Vienna showed an overview of different periods and work cycles by AROTIN & SERGHEI, from White Screen, up to the large scale projects Infinite Screen, Infinite column, Gateways to Elysium, and Infinite Time Machine

> info & contact: W&K Vienna, New York 

> catalogue : “Metamorphosis” W&K Edition 2018

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Vertigo / Infinite Screen (indoor)
Centre Pompidou, Big Hall 3 june 2021 | streaming > dec. 2021