AROTIN & SERGHEI established their artistic cooperation platform in 1994 with the foundation of the association Arotin Art Edition in Paris. First exhibitions of intermedial paintings at TEFAF Maastricht, Ars Electronica, Espace Muraille Geneva, ARTCURIAL, as well as in Galleries and Art Spaces in Paris, Berlin, Brussels and Vienna. 

The artists developed their interdisciplinary artworks and projects in a growing network of partners from the world of culture and science, with  philosophers and musicians, and in a direct cooperation with leading art institutions such as Ars Electronica, Klangforum WienMuseum in Progress, Ircam – Centre Pompidou Paris, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Fondation Beyeler Basel, Artcurial Auction House and La Biennale di Venezia.

As European artists representants they participated at the conference The State of Fine Art in European Parliament. Free Space was the title of their conferences at the Luxemburg University 2010. Cooperations with engineers and developers of avant-guarde techniques, as Active Image , Co-Mining, Solar Impulse. 

INFINITE SCREEN is since 2006 an ongoing art project by AROTIN & SERGHEI, that explores the idea of the Infinite which is suggested beyond the visible surface of “everything we see…” – a fundamental questioning of “truth-possibilities” . Commissioned originally by Klangforum Wien and Biennale di Venezia, further developed with Ars Electronica and Fondation Beyeler, Basel and presented in cooperation with museum in progress, Ars Electronica and Artcurial in occasion of 125 years Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien as a 1200 m2 Installation in the main facade of the Museum, Infinite Screen led the artists create a multitude of artworks, paintings, sculptures, drawings, sound composition and large scale installations.