special guests:

BERTRAND DU VIGNAUD – Art & Architecture specialist (Christies, World Monument Fund,  Evergete, etc)

YURY REVICH –  the Star Virtuoso & his STRADIVARI,  in dialogue with the exhibition,

With their Resonance- and Sound Paintings, AROTIN & SERGHEI are exploring the transgression of the limits of space through vibration of light and sound.
The works Blue Pulse, Soundpulse and Pink Pulse, open new spaces, through the impulse of colors. The monumental  „portraits“ of light cells, the color fields covered by piano strings in the works Color Fusion / Metapmorphosis 2-5, and the architectural study Pulse / Architecture of Sound are other examples in the exhibition for this phenomenon that characterizes the creations by AROTIN & SERGHEI.
A special position in this parcours is given to the “intermedial frescoes” – as Ivan Fedele called and presented AROTIN & SERGHEI’s large-scale installation Infinite Screen at the opening of Venice Biennale in 2015. Infinite Screen questions the idea of ​​the Infinite. The installation questions the idea of ​​the Infinite behind the surface the visibile, and completely dissolves the wall as a support of an image into colour particles. In the exhibition Metamorphosis at W&K Palais Vienna, this creation is represented by the the cycle of golden sound drawings, as well as by The Babel Tower realised here as a diptych of digital screens in a cycle edition.
The phenomenon of transgression of space through vibration of light and sound is this time in the center of attention of cycle ART & INNOVATION curated by the artists for their exhibition.
The art historian and expert BERTRAND DU VIGNAUD (formerly World Monument Fund), has been invited to trace the “History of Metamorphosis of Spaces“, the “negation of the wall” in the trompe l’oeuil and fresco painting,
from the ancient frescoes of the Villa Dei Misteri in Pompeii, the invention of the vanishing point “Punto di Fuga“ in Renaissance, the illusory frescoes of the Villa Farnese in Rome,up to AROTIN & SERGHEI’s “intermedial frescoes” Infinite Screen.
As a special guest we present the Star violin virtuoso YURY REVICH. He will pick up motifs from the exhibition and continue the process of metamorphosis on his Stradivari.

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