Infinite Light Column – Kunsthalle Wien

AROTIN & SERGHEI Infinite Light Column
intermedia sculpture 2019

six modules of Life Cells, digital animation, digital canvases, 663 x 63 cm, inspired by Constantin Brancusi

creation and production: AROTIN & SERGHEI, cooperation with Espace Muraille Geneva, Belfry, Gallery W&K Vienna-New York

Our digital age is constantly creating floods of information and a confusing mass of images and automated processes of artificial intelligence, that fills up every free moment and creates substitutes for every sort of desire. Infinite Light Column is reflecting this situation through a multidimensional approach. In contrast to the horizontal flow of information and lecture, the Infinite Light Column materializes a vertical way of light upwards. A cell strand of an imaginary matrix, a endless composition in form of a column of giant light cells modules.

Each single module of the Infinite Light Column is formed by an autonomous screen, flooded with light. The flooding process is obsererved and recreated by the artists in an extreme slow down of fluctuation and vibration. These artificial individual impulses emerge from total darkness, show the glares of color and light and culminate in white flashs, that annihilate all information. White appears as a over exposure, a simultaneity of all possible information and waves.

The composition of the Infinite Light Column appears also infinite because different frame lengths and infinite combinations of the light impulse animations of each autonomous registered single module. With this concepts the artwork recalls and translates in to our age symbols of Infinity, like Homer’s golden chain our Brancusi’s Infinite Column.

Through the combination of techniques such as drawing, composition and montage, the artist duo create a universe of colour and light, which is in constant metamorphosis through superposition, fusion and division. They integrate elements of sound, architecture, as well as philosophical and scientific concepts into their unique digital works. In cooperation with inventors, new media and materials, the works emerge at the pulse of time.

A major work by AROTIN & SERGHEI, Infinite Screen, explores the idea of trans- gression of the surface of illusion and infinity in today’s world.
Several stages of this work-in-progress have been shown so far with Klangforum Wien in Konzerthaus Vienna, as a first multi-dimensional media artwork as a commis- sion of the Venice Biennale in 2015, and the Festivals Ars Electronica 2014-17, the Fondation Beyeler Basel and the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna as a giant 1200 m2 installation in 2016 around the idea of the Tower of Babel.

In 2018 Galerie W&K showed the retrospective exhibition AROTIN & SERGHEI – Metamorphosis, that has been extended over the whole year at Sanziany Collection / Palais Rasumofsky for the Vienna Contemporary.
With Infinite Light Column the duo presents a first part of their modular installation that will be continued as Impressions – Dialogue avec Monet solo exhibition at the upcoming Festival des Arts de Vernon-Giverny.


Notre ère numérique crée constamment des flots d’informations et une masse confuse d’images et de processus automatisés d’intelligence artificielle, qui remplissent chaque instant libre et créent des substituts à toutes sortes de désirs. Infinite Light Column reflète cette situation par une approche multidimensionnelle. Contrairement au flux horizontal d’informations et de lectures, la colonne de lumière infinie matérialise une voie de lumière verticale vers le haut. Un brin cellulaire d’une matrice imaginaire, une composition sans fin sous la forme d’une colonne de modules de cellules lumineuses géantes. Chaque module de la colonne Infinite Light est constitué d’un écran autonome, inondé de lumière. Le processus d’inondation est observé et recréé par les artistes dans un ralentissement extrême des fluctuations et des vibrations. Ces impulsions individuelles artificielles émergent de l’obscurité totale, montrent les éclats de couleur et de lumière et aboutissent à des éclairs blancs qui annihilent toute information. Le blanc apparaît comme une surexposition, une simultanéité de toutes les informations et ondes possibles.

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