Infinite Light Columns / Constellations of the Future 1-4, 2021, tribute to Brancusi
cycle Infinite Screen, intermedial installation, digital animation light cell drawings, 4 LED panel stelas on a metallic structure 3, 5, 8 & 12 modules (9, 12, 20, and 23 meters high) exhibition June 3 – Nov 7 2021

“This installation delights me, not only because it is beautiful and because it is interesting, but because for me it symbolizes something very powerful, it symbolizes what the Center Pompidou wants to be… a multidisciplinary ensemble … The installation is a sort of tribute to Brancusi, whose studio is at the other end of the Piazza … it is for me the resurrection of an initial spirit of the Center Pompidou, the piazza as the living heart of artistic creation.
Serge Lasvignes, president CENTRE POMPIDOU, opening speech, 2021

For the emblematic Centre Pompidou square, the artist duo AROTIN & SERGHEI conceived an installation of intermedial sculpturespart of their work-in-progress Infinite Screen: 4 Infinite Light Columns installed along the extension of the Arts Center, the IRCAM tower by Renzo Piano and constructed by “immaterial” modules of individually drawn and animated portraits of “light cells”. The work honours the visions of the multiple avant-gardes and disciplines presented at the Centre Pompidou, most particularly paying homage to the museum’s collections notably Brancusi‘s Infinite Columns, Kandinsky’s Synethesia, to the architecture itself and to the sound universe of the Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics & Music – IRCAM-Centre Pompidou.

Production AROTIN & SERGHEI Contemporary Art Berlin / Infinite Screen Paris, in collaboration with IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, in partnership with the gallery Espace Muraille Genève, Studios Architecture Paris, W&K Vienna New York.

Infinite Light Columns, Centre Pompidou, Paris 2021

Article Magazine Centre Pompidou

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