> announcement  Fondation Monet Giverny:

” … A NEW FESTIVAL IN THE COUNTRY OF IMPRESSIONISTS … The vocation of this new festival, carried by Patrick Micale – president of the association “Impressions mirror of the arts” – and the pianist Mikhaïl Rudy? Make dialogue between the arts – painting, theater, literature, music … – on an impressionist painting background. And it is, indeed, a nice tribute to the master givernois that will make in particular the duo of artists AROTIN & SERGHEI. Imagine that they will revisit his work by projecting on the Cathedral of Vernon, every evening at night, cells of red, blue and green lights! A digital work designed especially for the occasion …”

>>> article Le Figaro, by Bertrand Saint Vincent (editor-in-chief)

a new festival, Impressions wants to create a dialogue between the Arts in the country of Monet … Giverny is lightening his palette. Associated with the city of Vernon, the Impressionist city launches, under the guidance of pianist Mikhail Rudy, a new festival, Impressions … From July 4th to 7th, the most famous host of the place, Claude Monet, will have his head turning. Honour to all lords…, the artists duo Arotin & Serghei will re-interpret his work by diffusing on the Collégiale church reflections of his painting transformed  into compositions of  and green light cells. What a vertigo…
The creator of the Nymphéas will find, one century after his disappearance, his old friend Auguste Renoir. Brigitte Fossey will read texts from the artists and the film Renoir, by Gilles Bourdos, will be projected in the presence of its prestigious interpreter, Michel Bouquet. Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron, great admirers of the latter, could, it is said, be part of …”

Le Figaro, 25 June 2019

article LE FIGARO 25 june 2019

>>> full program  IMPRESSIONS Festival des Arts Vernon-Giverny

IMG_5573 2

AROTIN & SERGHEI – Impressions – Dialogue with Monet
intermedial painting cycle, digital installation and sound composition,
new creation 2019
– exhibition at the Vernon Town Hall (every day)
– followed by screenings on the façade of the church
“La Collégiale Notre Dame de Vernon” (every evening from 22:30)

July 4-7  2019
IMPRESSIONS – Festival des Arts de Vernon-Giverny
artistic direction: Mikhail Rudy

The artist duo AROTIN & SERGHEI transposes the reflections of Monet’s painting into artworks and compositions of red, blue and green light cells, symbols of the visual language of our time. By pursuing the impressionist approach of the dissolution of reality, their creations extend the present moment towards the infinite. On the occasion of the Vernon-Giverny Arts Festival, the duo will present an extraordinary journey with new creations of artworks in various forms, materials, techniques and formats: Intermedial paintings superimpose layers of translucent drawings on optical prisms and allow individual interpretations for each spectator. A digital installation built by several columns of screens, Infinite Light Column, animates these drawings, and creates on these bands of vertical images an endless horizontal counter-movement. The surface of the water as a place of reflection is thus transformed into a reflecting surface that recalls our screens with their continuous information flow. The process of opening the image surface to an imaginary space continues with projections on the façade of the church of Vernon, La Collégiale (every day from 22:30). The work is created in the spirit of Infinite Screen, a total work of art, which the duo has developed among others at the Venice Biennale and at the emblematic Viennese Museum, the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

A project by AROTIN & SERGHEI, realised with the support of the City of Vernon, Infinite Screen–Art Creation Ltd., Belfry, Mr. J.P. Julia, Gallery W&K Vienna-New York and Espace Muraille Geneva.


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