Gateways to Elysium / Palais Rasumofsky / Vienna Contemporary

AROTIN & SERGHEI “Gateways to Elysium” installation view of the solo exhibition at Palais Rasumofsky Vienna. Adrian Riklin and Antonis Stachel present AROTIN & SERGHEI at Palais Rasumofsky as part of the special exhibitions of the Vienna Contemporary VIP program.

For the first time in Vienna and in resonance with their own collection at the Palais, this solo exhibition will bring together a selection of the artist’s duo works from a range of prestigious international private collections.

The gallery spaces of the Palais will be consacred to “Intermedial Paintings“ by AROTIN & SERGHEI: new creations in continuation of the „Metamorphosis“ cycle which was recently presented in Vienna by gallery W & K – Wienerroither & Kohlbacher Vienna – New York.

The palace, which once hosted Tsar Alexander I and the Vienna Congress, was built by Prince Andrej Razoumofsky, the famous patron of Ludwig van Beethoven. In reference to this emblematic place, AROTIN & SERGHEI create an in situ – installation in the majestic column hall:

“Gateways to Elysium“, a intermedia fresco inspired by graphological elements of Beethoven’s sketches and scores. The work expresses itself in an impenetrable labyrinth in infinite variations, searching for freedom and light.

This new creation will subsequently be developed in the continuity of the major work of artists, “Infinite Screen“, which has been presented in a multitude of forms since 2012, at the TEFAF – Maastricht, Klangforum Wien, Venice Biennale, Festival Ars Electronica, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, and

the Beyeler Foundation in Basel

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