Infinite Screen – The Babel Tower – Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien 2016

Infinite Screen / The Babel Tower

total artwork for video 4K, music, voices and sound. work-in-progress.

idea, composition, drawings, realization of video/sound & production: AROTIN & SERGHEI

125 years Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, 22.sept – 19. oct 2016 from dusk to midnight

Infinite Screen is a poject by AROTIN & SERGHEI exploring the idea of ‘the Infinite’ which is suggested beyond the visible surface of “Everything We See”. The project was originally commissioned by La Biennale di Venezia and the Klangforum Wien in 2013/15. The art installation was further developed for the Ars Electronica Festivals and Media Collection between 2014-2016 and presented at the Fondation Beyeler within the framework of the exhibition Kandinsky, Marc – Der blaue Reiter. In 2016, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien commissioned the development of Infinite Screen/The Babel Tower as an 1,200 sq m large interactive projection for the Museum’s main facade.

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