Infinite Screen / prometheus / White point / Fondation Beyeler 2016


Installation by AROTIN & SERGHEI  

music: Alexander Scriabin “Prometheus” op 60  

Mikhail RUDY and Ian PACE, piano

AROTIN & SERGHEI, light piano and live animation

commissioned by FONDATION BEYELER

for the exhibition “Kandinsky, Marc, Der Blaue Reiter” September 4 2016 – January 22 2017

Prometheus gave fire and wisdom to humankind and in so doing braved the wrath of Zeus. This legend of courage, and of fire as creative energy, inspired the composer Alexander Scriabin (1872 –1915) to write his symphonic poem “Prométhée. Le Poème du feu” (Prometheus. The Poem of Fire). An enthusiastic discussion of the composition was included in the Blaue Reiter Almanac, which embraced the concept of an art that combined multiple disciplines and sense impressions. The Fondation Beyeler presents the composition in the version for two pianos transcribed at the start of 20th century. At the keys: Scriabin specialist Mikhail Rudy and Ian Pace.

The artist duo AROTIN & SERGHEI accompany the performance with their light installation “White Point”. Wholly in the spirit of Der Blaue Reiter, music, color and light thereby fuse into a unique, 25-minute sensory experience.

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