Vertigo / Infinite Screen

> 23.4.2021

online streaming WDR

VERTIGO / INFINITE SCREEN (world premiere) intermedial composition for ensemble in 6 groups, 18 screen-modules and electronics, homage to Alfred Hitchcock, by AROTIN & SERGHEI & BRICE PAUSET

music BRICE PAUSET, visual installation & live video AROTIN & SERGHEI, ensemble KLANGFORUM WIEN, electronics IRCAM – CENTRE POMPIDOU. Production of the installation: AROTIN & SERGHEI Contemporary Art Berlin / Infinite Screen Paris in cooperation with KLANGFORUM Wien, WDR Köln, IRCAM CENTRE POMPIDOU Paris, Espace Muraille Genève

LIVE STREAMING: 23 April 2021 – WDR – “Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik” Festival

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