AROTIN & SERGHEI – Infinite Time Machine – exhibition “The Watch Odyssey” – DR 01 take off – Dominique Renaud – Espace Muraille Art Gallery Geneva


AROTIN & SERGHEI – “Infinite Time Machine” 2017 – unique digital creation – composition for 6 Active Images and sound, endless developpment of variations of 24000 x 24000 frames.

Animation with drawings and paintings by AROTIN & SERGHEI, elements and sounds of the DR01, radars, mesurement tools, scanners, space breath and sound of Saturn.

Exhibition View opening Nov 22, 2017 Espace Muraille Art Gallery, Geneva “The Watch Odyssey – DR01 take off – Dominique Renaud”

a creation by AROTIN & SERGHEI with parts of the DR01 watch by Dominique Renaud.
Realisation in cooperation with Active Image Company and Espace Muraille Geneva

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